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Tucson traffic is notorious, and breaking down in the city can leave you stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow. HONK connects stranded drivers with roadside assistance providers that can get them back on the road faster. Learn how we offer better protection to drivers in need.


Traditional tow services frequently take advantage of drivers who break down on the I-10 or I-19 right outside downtown Tucson. They come quickly, but set excessive costs for emergency assistance and don’t provide you with transparent price information ahead of time. Membership clubs offer guaranteed and fair roadside assistance — but often leave you waiting for very long periods of time for a tow truck. If you want help without having to pay high prices, you’re in luck: we can get you help 50 percent faster than other services and without exorbitant fees.

To access a tow truck 24/7, open the HONK app or click the button above, type in your location information, and request help. In a few minutes, you’ll receive a call or text from one of our licensed roadside assistance Partners to confirm that your towing request has been received.


There are many roadside assistance options, but only HONK makes your time and your personal safety top priority. As such, we’re the ideal option for business travelers, families, and University of Arizona students who want better protection in the event of a vehicular emergency.




With our network of over 45,000 Partners, you can get service 24/7 across the entire country.


Transparent and affordable

HONK uses a unique up-front pricing model that shows you the maximum amount owed before the tow truck driver arrives. With us, the price is inclusive so you pay no tips or taxes. All service charges begin at $49 and vary by the level of service needed, with no up front charges.



We guarantee fast service. Many customers get roadside assistance in 30 minutes or less.



Wherever you travel for business or pleasure, you’ll find a HONK affiliate near you if you need one.



HONK is not tied to a vehicle, so you can easily share it with friends and family.

HONK is your all-in-one roadside assistance app. No matter what type of emergency vehicle services you need, we connect you to courteous and reliable help faster than the competition. Stay safe wherever life takes you by downloading HONK on your mobile device today. See specifics for other cities in Arizona.


Catalina Towing and Recovery
16005 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ
Catalina Towing and Recovery’s ability to travel long distances and still provide fast ETAs is what makes them one of our most trusted Partners across all of Arizona. And aside from being the only towing provider in the greater Oro Valley area, they have also encountered and successfully completed jobs in the Tortolita Mountains.

J & M Roadside
819 East Water Street, Tucson, AZ
The guys over at J & M Roadside love helping people, especially when they are locked out of their car or their battery’s gone dead. Whether you’re stuck near the Catalina Foothills or are just south of Tucson International Airport, J & M Towing take extreme measures to ensure that you’re back on the road as fast as possible.

Click the get help now button below and we’ll find companies like Catalina Towing and Recovery and J & M Roadside who are near you and ready to help get you back on the road.

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Affordable 24/hr service.