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There’s nothing quite like breaking down on the 101 when trying to get downtown from the airport. Throughout the day, highway traffic comes to a standstill in the city due to the high volume of residents driving downtown and commuters using the highways to get to Silicon Valley. Now HONK offers a better tow truck option to get you help quickly in your hour of need.


HONK provides affordable roadside assistance in without charging membership fees. Compared with membership clubs, HONK is cost-effective and honest. We only assesses a fee when you use the app, instead of charging up-front for roadside services you may not end up needing.

When you do need help, you’ll receive a “guaranteed not to exceed” price quote that lets you know exactly how much you’re liable to pay. If you’ve ever had sticker shock after getting roadside assistance, or wondered whether that towing charge was inflated, you’ll love that we make it transparent and affordable to get help when you need it most.

To get on-demand assistance, open the free HONK app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet or simply click the button above. Then type in information about your specific need. We will then transmit your request to an available, reliable tow truck driver in the San Francisco area. In a few minutes, you’ll receive a phone call or text to confirm that help is on its way to you.

With over 45,000 service providers nationwide, we’re able to get help to our members as much as 50 percent faster than other roadside service providers. Many of our Bay Area customers have even gotten help on the scene in under 30 minutes!


While there are many options for getting roadside assistance, only HONK is reliable, fast, and transparent about service charges. We’re perfect for UCSF and San Francisco State students, as well as business travelers, families, and working professionals.

Whenever you use HONK, you’ll receive a maximum possible service charge quote, so you know the full extent of potential charges. There is no tipping or tax, and no guesswork when it comes to dealing with a tow truck driver.

We strive to send the appropriate level of service to meet your needs, whether you need a tow or emergency fuel assistance. This keeps your overall costs down. Additionally, the free app can be shared with roommates, friends, and family members to ensure that everyone in your circle is protected from the hassle of a roadside breakdown.

HONK offers nationwide service, so you can enjoy reliable tow truck assistance from San Francisco to New York. The “just in case” app, HONK is a great backup plan for getting help on demand without the excessive costs.

Nothing else, that was awesome – I went from totally stressed out to A-OK! Thanks for making my morning a little less terrible.

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Affordable 24/hr service.