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If you’ve ever gotten stuck in Denver or Colorado Springs, then you know how chilly it can be to wait for a tow on the shoulder of the road. This can be even worse in remote communities like Estes Park, where you could wait more than an hour for help to arrive. HONK offers fast, reliable pay-on-demand Colorado roadside assistance.


HONK connects drivers with reliable Colorado roadside assistance, 24/7. With HONK, there are no membership fees, no calls to a central dispatch system, and no up-front charges for Colorado tow truck services.

You can get emergency vehicle help directly through the HONK app. Open HONK via the web or the app, describe your present vehicle need and your location, and easily send the information to HONK-affiliated Colorado towing services in all corners of the state. With over 45,000 partners nationwide, HONK is able to get help to you quickly. In many parts of Colorado, customers sometimes wait just 30 minutes for a tow truck to arrive.

Whenever you request help via the HONK app, we’ll provide you with a “guaranteed not to exceed” service quote that lets you know the maximum amount of money you would owe for services before help arrives. If you’ve ever argued with a tow truck driver over the excessive cost of a tow out of the Rockies or off a crowded metro Denver highway, then you’ll love that HONK sets fair, affordable prices and keeps you in the loop regarding fees.

HONK services charges start at a mere $49 and increase based on the level of service needed. HONK always aims to connect drivers in need with the right type of service for their exact need, to keep everyone’s costs down. HONK can be used for all types of vehicle assistance, from emergency fuel assistance and jump starts to flatbed towing.


While HONK is not the only option to get a towing service in Fort Collins or Boulder, we think it’s the best option for people who place a high priority on time and personal safety.


  • Affordable – HONK customers pay no up-front service charges, no taxes, and no tipping. With prices from $49 and up, HONK makes it affordable to get roadside services help.
  • Transparent – Unlike other roadside service alternative, HONK keeps you in the loop with accurate, up-to-date information on the amount of money you could owe for Colorado tow truck services.
  • Reliable – Our nationwide towing services network, including all of our Colorado roadside assistance partners, are reliable, professional, and knowledgeable about motor vehicle needs.
  • Everywhere – With a national network of more than 45,000 towing service providers, HONK has your back from Colorado to Connecticut. Use HONK for business travel, family vacations and daily commutes.

Get help the smart way. Get HONK.