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When your car sputters to a stop on I-70 between Denver and Lakewood, you may find that commercial roadside services take a long time to come. When they do arrive, too often you can feel like you were scalped when getting roadside assistance because you had no other option. For better peace of mind and protection from price gouging, try HONK, a pay-on-demand roadside assistance platform.


Traditionally, drivers either paid up-front to access tow truck services from traditional auto clubs or similar options, or paid nothing up-front and then paid steep fees to receive an emergency tow. Neither of these options was ideal for drivers who wanted reliable, fast service without the exorbitant fee structure.

Now HONK connects you to better towing with a pay-on-demand model that prizes accuracy and fairness. With more than 45,000 tow service providers nationwide, we can send help as much as 50 percent faster than other leading roadside services.

Getting help is as simple as opening up the free app, or clicking the button above, and entering in basic information about your need. We provide roadside assistance for everything from a tow to a jump start.

Minutes after you send a help request, you’ll be called or texted by a HONK-affiliated tow truck who is near the scene and able to provide emergency vehicle assistance. In many parts of the country, HONK-affiliated tow trucks arrive within 30 minutes of your request for emergency vehicle assistance.


We are the perfect “just in case” solution for anyone who wants access to emergency roadside services without having to pay ahead of time for services they may not use.




HONK is your go-to connection for Lakewood emergency vehicle assistance 24/7, with a wide network of more than 45,000 tow service partners that can respond to your need.


Transparent and affordable

HONK maintains affordable prices that begin at just $49 for service, and communicates the maximum amount you might owe before help arrives. HONK also sends the appropriate level of service to meet your need and keep overall service costs down. This keeps you informed and prevents haggling with tow drivers over the cost of emergency services.



HONK sends help to the scene quickly so you can get back to work or home.



HONK can have a tow truck on hand over 50 percent faster than alternatives. Many of our customers report that help sometimes arrives in as little 30 minutes of their initial phone call.



It’s easy to share HONK with family members, coworkers, or friends. Request service via the HONK app or with the button above whether you’re the driver or passenger, or even use it when you’re renting a car.

When you have a plan in place for better roadside assistance in case of an emergency, you’ll feel better next time you hear that funny noise when driving through town late at night. Get faster access to help and download HONK on all your devices today.

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