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Whether you’re traveling on scenic parkways like the Merritt or taking I-95 to New York or Boston, you know how snarly a traffic jam can get. Breaking down can wreck your Connecticut beach day, cause you to miss the start of the UCONN game, or make you late for that important New London business meeting. Drivers throughout Connecticut now have a better option to get stranded motorists’ help quickly and get back on the road without having to pay an excessive fee for emergency vehicle services.


A free app, HONK provides smarter vehicle assistance throughout Connecticut. You’ll pay no fees until the moment you need help, and you’ll never be placed on hold just to wait to talk to a dispatcher about Connecticut roadside assistance. HONK cuts out the middleman and lets you request help directly through an intuitive app or through the “Get Help Now” button above. HONK will transmit your information to Connecticut tow truck partners nearby, many of whom can reach you in half an hour or less.

Mere minutes after your service request, you’ll receive a call or text message back from a certified tow provider to confirm your request and deliver an ETA for your Connecticut tow truck. You’ll also receive a maximum possible price quote, to keep everything fair and honest. If you’ve been priced gouged before by a predatory tow truck driver, you’ll love the transparency of the HONK model.

HONK works on iOS and Android devices, as well as the mobile web. Since HONK is not tied to your vehicle, you can use it to request help when traveling in a rented car or being a passenger in another person’s vehicle.


HONK revolutionizes Connecticut towing with reliable, 24/7, pay-on-demand service. HONK is the best choice for Connecticut residents who place a premium on their time or their safety, whether driving to Hartford for a business meeting or passing through Mystic on a vacation.


  • Affordable – HONK assesses no up-front fees for service, and maintains a transparent and affordable fee schedule for all services.
  • Transparent – HONK places a priority on transparency of fees. Whenever you use HONK, you’ll receive a maximum possible service quote before help arrives. Plus, HONK sends the right level of service for your specific problem, so you won’t be paying extra for a pricey service that isn’t needed.
  • Reliable – With more than 45,000 tow service providers nationwide, HONK is your connection to reliable tow truck services.
  • Everywhere – HONK offers better Connecticut roadside assistance, yet also covers you when you travel for vacation or for business.

It’s easy to use HONK to request reliable help from a Connecticut tow truck. Much of the time, help arrives 50 percent faster than services from traditional auto clubs or other alternatives. Switch to HONK today to stay safe the smart way.