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In Stamford, I-95 congestion can not only make you late for work, it can leave you stranded on the side of the highway waiting for emergency towing services to arrive. HONK connects you directly to more options for emergency vehicle assistance so you can get off the highway and back on track. Learn how HONK can help you when you need it most.


HONK is your pay-on-demand connection to a nationwide network of more than 45,000 tow truck drivers, including many that are located in Stamford. Simply by downloading the free app on your smartphone or laptop or clicking the button above, you can reach out to fast, reliable roadside assistance across Connecticut. Get help from us when you need it without ever having to worry about haggling over the cost of towing services again.

In many communities, we can get help to you within as little 30 minutes. This means help as much as 50 percent faster than traditional auto clubs.

Whether you’re stuck on the highway shoulder outside or need assistance fixing a flat, open the HONK app or click the button above and type in basic information about your vehicle. We will then transmit the information to affiliated Stamford tow trucks near your location, always striving to match you with a service provider who can deliver the appropriate level of service for your current need. Mere minutes after you initiate a request for help, you will receive a callback or text from a tow truck driver to update you with an ETA.

Simultaneously, we will update you with a maximum possible service quote so you’ll know exactly how much you might need to pay for roadside assistance. Our pricing is all-inclusive, which means that you won’t need to tip a tow truck driver and you won’t be liable for taxes on top of service charges. Since all our prices are set ahead of time, you’ll never need to worry about arguing back and forth with a tow driver.


HONK service charges are only assessed when you use them and are always tied to your level of need. If you need a tire change, you won’t be charged for a tow. Service charges begin at $49.


It’s simple to share HONK with other customers. You can either create a main HONK account and share it with friends or family members, to protect everyone under one main plan, or you can request help when you’re a passenger in someone else’s car. Since HONK is tied to a device, you can also request towing help when driving in a rented car or traveling for business.

Protect yourself and enjoy greater peace of mind when driving through Stamford by downloading HONK on all your devices today.

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