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In Wilmington, I-95 can get very congested due to the traffic coming from Philadelphia. If you happen to break down on the highway, you’re liable to be kept waiting for emergency Wilmington roadside assistance. With HONK, a new free app for towing, you have more options for emergency vehicle services. Get out of a jam faster and for less money when you request HONK assistance from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


We deliver pay-on-demand, 24/7 tow truck and emergency vehicle assistance. With a nationwide network of more than 45,000 tow truck providers, we are able to send assistance as much as 50 percent faster than traditional auto clubs. Get help quickly and affordably, and then get back to your regular life.

In many cities, we can send a reliable towing service to you within as little as 30 minutes of your initial call. If you break down on the way to a Philadelphia business meeting, you may still be able to make it on time with HONK.

For reliable service when you need it, just open the HONK app or click the “Order Help Now” button above. Input basic information about your location and your specific need, such as “flat tire” or “Wilmington tow truck.” We will then transmit the information directly to a nearby affiliate who is able to provide efficient service, eliminating the middleman from the equation. We will also send you a maximum possible service quote, so you know how much it will cost to get help.

We maintain a transparent and inclusive fee structure. You won’t need to pay tax on top of the service charge or tip the driver. Most importantly, you’ll never need to argue with a mechanic over the cost of a tow to a service station.


We set fees by the type of service needed, and strive to match you with the right level of help needed. This way, you can pay just for services you require instead of paying for the more expensive services that were sent to you. Rates begin at a mere $49 and are only assessed once you use HONK. If you want a reliable backup option in case your car breaks down, only HONK gets you the roadside assistance you need without charging for services up front.


We think that we’re the perfect solution for anyone who wants better roadside service. We are also designed to be shared. Share HONK across a household by having everyone download the app and create a common account. Since we only charge when you use the service, it’s straightforward to determine who pays the bill.

Get help nationwide by downloading HONK for iOS and Android today.

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Affordable 24/hr service.