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The gateway to Florida, Jacksonville can be a fun vacation destination in its own right. That is, until your car breaks down on 95 as you’re heading into the city. With HONK on your smartphone, you can access faster roadside assistance so you can get back to a relaxing vacation. Learn how HONK protects you when it matters.


All too often, drivers pay for the peace of mind of belonging to a roadside assistance club, and then don’t end up using their services. We believe that you should be able to access affordable emergency vehicle services without needing to pay anything until you actually need those services. With us, you can get a tow truck to the scene as much as 50 percent faster than other roadside clubs, and you won’t have to pay through the roof to get help.

We deliver on-demand nationwide emergency vehicle services, including roadside assistance. It’s easy to get help directly from the app interface or through the get help button above. Once you transmit your service request to our network of more than 45,000 tow truck drivers, you’ll receive a call or text back in minutes. A reliable towing service will confirm that help is on the way and update you with an ETA. At the same time, we will provide you with a “guaranteed not to exceed” estimate for services, to keep you better informed.


While there are many options for getting roadside assistance, only HONK protects your safety and respects your time. Whether you’re driving through Jacksonville to work or you’re on your way to visiting one of Florida’s beautiful beaches, you’ll enjoy better peace of mind knowing that help is only a few clicks away.




HONK can connect you to better roadside assistance anywhere, anytime.


Transparent and affordable

HONK’s up-front pricing structure makes Jacksonville towing charges transparent. With HONK, you owe a set rate — no tax, no tipping, and no arguing about fees for emergency vehicle assistance.



Many HONK customers are able to get roadside assistance within as little as 30 minutes of their service request.



HONK has you covered throughout the Sunshine State and across the nation.



It’s easy to share your HONK service with friends or family members by requesting service as a vehicle passenger.

    HONK is the perfect backup plan for students, families, and parents who want reliable protection during a car accident, flat tire, vehicle lockout or other problem. We send the right level of service for any request, to keep your overall costs down. Our rates start at just $49 and vary by the type of service needed.

    Download HONK on all of your devices for better peace of mind and faster roadside assistance wherever you break down.

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