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Miami has some of the nation’s worst traffic, which makes it challenging for drivers and especially frustrating for motorists who happen to get stranded on the side of I-95 or I-395. Thanks to HONK, drivers now have access to reliable 24/7 tow truck services. Learn how HONK can get you out of a jam faster when you need emergency towing.


HONK is a free app that connects drivers in need to nearby tow truck providers. Because we are an pay-on-demand app, there are no fees assessed until you need help. This makes HONK a perfect way to get roadside assistance when you break down without having to pay extra for services that you may not need.

HONK can easily be shared among family members, with one central account linked to a credit card. Parents of University of Miami students can also link their child’s HONK account to a family credit card and enjoy peace of mind knowing that loved ones will be protected in the event of a vehicular emergency.

It’s simple to request help using HONK. Just open the app or click the “Order Help Now” button above and describe your present need. We will then send the information to our Partners that are closest to you. Within minutes of your vehicle services request, you’ll receive a telephone call from a towing service in Miami that is able to respond to the call quickly. In many cases, our users can access emergency vehicle assistance in just 30 minutes. Compared to some membership clubs where it can take an hour to get a tow truck on the scene, HONK is the best choice for busy residents.


Our service charges for roadside assistance in Miami begin at just $49 and vary by your specific need. Since we strive to send the right type of assistance for each service call, your overall costs remain low. If you’ve ever gotten stuck with a hefty towing bill when all you needed was emergency fuel assistance, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and transparency in the HONK model.

Any time you use HONK, you will see a service quote for the maximum possible amount you would owe. Since prices are set ahead of time, there is no need to argue with a tow provider about the cost of a tow truck when they arrive. Prices are all-inclusive, so you do not need to worry about paying tax on top of service charges or tipping the driver.


It’s incredibly easy to share HONK with roommates, friends, or family members. HONK is tethered to a device, not a vehicle. Users can also request services on behalf of a driver and use the same app to get service when traveling outside of Miami.

For reliable 24/7 roadside assistance in Miami with guaranteed and fair rates for service, download HONK today.

On time, very courteous and helpful, changed my tire in record time, gave me great safety info on how to proceed. Wish everyone had such a great roadside experience!
Very fast, courteous and easy. Will definitely use the service again.

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Affordable 24/hr service.