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In Orlando, theme park traffic can back up the highways and and delay roadside assistance professionals from getting to you. Thanks to HONK, you have better options for roadside assistance when something goes wrong. Learn how HONK can provide you with peace of mind and emergency vehicle assistance that’s up to 50 percent faster than other roadside services.


HONK connects drivers in need with on-demand roadside assistance providers in Orlando, with no up-front fees. You’ll only pay when you use the app, and when you do, you’ll see a “guaranteed not to exceed” quote so you know how much your emergency vehicle services will cost. If you’ve ever haggled with a tow truck driver over the cost of a flatbed tow, you’ll enjoy that our model prioritizes integrity and transparency.

To request a tow truck, open up the app or click the button above and type in your location information and your specific need. We will then transmit the information to our network of more than 45,000 service providers. Within minutes, you’ll be contacted directly by a nearby towing service that is able to come to your assistance. You’ll find out exactly when help will arrive, and you’ll also receive that “guaranteed not to exceed” quote before the tow truck driver gets to you.

Since we set service prices ahead of time, there is no need to haggle with the mechanic over specific costs.


Our service charges begin at just $49 and increase by the level of need. When possible, we partner with our Orlando affiliates to send you the right level of help to meet your needs. This way, you can use HONK for anything from a flat tire to a locked car, without having to worry about the pricey cost of a tow truck. Unlike independent companies who may decide to inflate your fees if they have to miss the Magic game to get you, we protect you from price gouging and predatory service providers.


HONK is the perfect backup option for roadside assistance when traveling for business, commuting to work, or just running errands. Customers can install the free app on multiple devices. This gives multiple drivers in a household the ability to share one HONK plan and all stay safe. Since we only charge you when you use the service, it is simple to determine which household driver is liable for the service charges.

Download HONK today for more peace of mind when vacationing in Orlando or anywhere else. With a growing nationwide network of tow service providers, we’re able to protect you whether you’re in Florida or California.

Absolutely amazing experience I have used the app. Always professional and courteous.
The price was much lower than other private tow companies. Driver was extremely friendly. Satisfied with the service.

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