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As you’re trying to get to downtown Tampa for a business meeting, traffic on I-275 or I-4 can slow your progress. If you happen to break down on one of these roadways, you may miss your meeting waiting for a tow truck who’s trying to navigate through the traffic. For peace of mind in your time of need, you can turn to HONK, a free roadside assistance app to help you out.


HONK delivers on-demand towing services with no membership fees or hidden costs across the entire Tampa metro area. This can be a better alternative for families, working professionals, business travelers, and USF students who want access to emergency vehicle services but don’t want to pay ahead of time for a service they may never need. HONK is the perfect solution for all motor vehicle needs: including locked cars, emergency fuel assistance, flat tires and flatbed towing services.

The platform couldn’t be easier to use. To initiate a help request, open the HONK app or visit the mobile website by clicking the “Order Help Now” button above. Type in information about your particular need, such as “Tampa tow truck” or “ran out of gas on I-4.” We will then transmit the information to nearby service providers who are able to respond to your request quickly. You’ll receive a telephone call or text in minutes confirming that help is on its way to you.

We try to match the roadside assistance service to your specific need, so that your overall service charges are reasonable. We don’t want you paying for a tow truck if you only need a jump start. With more than 45,000 Partners nationwide, we are frequently able to get you emergency vehicle aid within 30 minutes of your request.


We know that you have several options for emergency vehicle assistance across Florida, yet we think HONK is a best choice for people who put a premium on their personal safety and value their time.

We partner with tow truck drivers throughout the Tampa-St. Pete area to get you fast emergency vehicle services. For better protection from price gouging, use HONK for roadside service.

You may think that you’ll never break down, but the reality is that it can happen at any time, even if your car is in great shape. Get peace of mind by downloading HONK on all your devices today.

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Affordable 24/hr service.