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Let’s face it, driving around Nampa can sometimes be a bit of a treacherous feat. Between unpredictable weather and heavy traffic on I-84, there are many roadblocks to keep you from getting to where you need to go. And what happens if your vehicle breaks down? Waiting for a tow truck for several hours isn’t just a drain on your time — it could end up costing you extra money. This is where the convenience of the HONK comes in.

HONK is an on-demand roadside assistance app designed to get you help when you need it the most. Call for a tow truck, get help with a tire change or contact a locksmith at a touch of a button. No phone calls are necessary, which means you won’t get stuck on hold or have to explain to an operator where you are. The app uses GPS technology to determine where you’re at and immediately dispatches help to the location.

Nationwide estimated time for service averages 30 minutes, which is far less than traditional auto clubs. Best of all, prices are low and you don’t have to worry about haggling over tips and fees with the driver. All fees are paid directly and securely through the app, eliminating the need to have cash on hand when your tow truck or roadside assistance driver arrives.


  • Towing
  • Dead Battery
  • Lockout Service
  • Tire Change
  • Out of Fuel
  • Stuck in Ditch
  • Flatbed Towing
  • and More!

Whether you have a Boise State University student in your family that you want to make sure is taken care of in the event of a breakdown or just want peace of mind that you’ll get the service you need when you need it, we’re here to help. There are no membership plans required, saving you thousands of dollars compared to traditional emergency road service plans. HONK is available on iOS, Android or via the web.

So, the next time you need a tow truck and are stuck in Nampa, look no further than HONK.

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Affordable 24/hr service.