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Breaking down in Chicago can be a traumatic situation, regardless of what part of the city your vehicle gives you problems in. Bitter cold wind in the winter and excruciatingly warm weather in the summer can make a miserable wait for your tow truck even worse. HONK can make sure that help is dispatched as fast as possible, sometimes within even 30 minutes, cutting your usual wait time with other providers in half.


HONK connects you to reliable 24/7 tow truck services in Chicago and nationwide. Just use the HONK app on your cellphone or tablet or click the “Order Help Now” button above to request a tow on-demand, it’s that easy! If you need a tow on the Southside in Hyde Park or on the Northside in Wrigleyville, we’re here to help.

When you need emergency vehicle services, we will contact all of the tow trucks in the area simultaneously to get you the best price and fastest arrival time. This give you the ultimate peace of mind of knowing that you have received a great price and help is on the way all with just the tap of a button.

Your safety is our top priority and we do not want you getting stuck in a bad area. From the moment you request a tow all the way until your tow truck driver arrives we are monitoring the progress of your job to ensure a smooth and seamless roadside assistance experience like never before. Download the HONK app on your phone today to make sure that you and your loved ones have help when you need it most.

Breaking down on Interstate 90 can be a nightmare, with limited shoulder space and aggressive drivers zooming by, you need to know that a tow truck is coming fast. Instead of calling and waiting 30 minutes to talk to a representative and another hour for a truck to arrive, just use the HONK app and we will find the closest tow truck to your location and dispatch them directly to you. Don’t worry about telling us how many exits from O’Hare International Airport you are because we’ve already located you using your phone’s GPS. There is not a better way to receive emergency roadside relief!


HONK is the perfect solution for University of Chicago students, carpooling commuters, and anyone who highly values their time. HONK revolutionizes the roadside assistance model to provide Chicago drivers with better service.




With service charges beginning at just $49, and no up-front charges, we make it affordable for all drivers to access emergency roadside assistance.



HONK keeps you informed of any and all service charges, and places a premium on keeping your costs down through its service model. Never worry about haggling with a tow truck driver again with HONK on your smartphone.



HONK sets the prices for service and communicates directly with you, so you never have to worry about a greedy Chicago tow truck driver overcharging you for emergency vehicle assistance.



HONK can be shared with family members, giving everyone better protection.


Prices for individual services will vary, but you’ll never see a fee until you use a service. Whenever you request help with us, you’ll see a maximum possible service charge quote to keep things clear.

We provide better peace of mind that you won’t miss important meetings when broken down in Chicago. Add the app to all of your devices for the perfect “just in case” solution to your emergency vehicle services.


1st Towing and Recovery Inc.
5805 South Spaulding Ave., Chicago, IL
Whether a customer needs a tow from Evergreen Hills to Hickory Park, or a jump start in Riverside, the 1st Towing and Recovery team has seen it all. Not only do they provide customers with great service – from their experiences they are able to offer drivers advice on how to prevent certain breakdowns. For example, they warn that drivers should be wary of driving on the I-55 Stevenson Expressway during heavy weather conditions, as they receive a high volume of calls to fix flat tires in that area.

Click the get help now button below and we’ll find companies like 1st Towing and Recovery who are near you and ready to help get you back on the road.

My tow truck driver was exceptional: courtesy, helpful and willing to go the extra mile(s) to ensure that my car was delivered safely and correctly. Can’t say enough good things!
My roadside assistance was absolutely amazing. He arrived on time, very polite, and knowledgable. The service was excellent and fast.

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