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The absence of turn signals, lack of adherence to traffic lights, poor weather conditions, congested roads, rogue pedestrians and long delays are just some of the reasons Boston is famous for anarchy on the roads. It is also why Boston was at the top of NerdWallet’s list of Worst Cities for Car Drivers.

If ever there was a place where fast, affordable and reliable roadside assistance is needed, it’s Boston. HONK can help. HONK helps you find the closest roadside assistance professional or tow truck for the best value, 24 hours a day.


A free app, HONK connects you to fast and reliable roadside assistance from Cambridge to Charlestown and throughout the United States. Help is just a few taps away on your smartphone or tablet. We provide full transparency; there’s no membership fee, and you won’t be charged for anything until you request assistance. Better yet, our inclusive pricing includes tax and tip, and with the secure app payment, you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand.

No need to call multiple towing and service companies to research and haggle prices. Our technology will provide you with help closest to you, with the best ETA and the fairest price.


No matter if you run into trouble on the city’s windy roads or on the faster speedways, such as Storrow Drive and Route 1 – or possibly while going through one of the infamous and treacherous rotaries – help is just a tap away with HONK. Starting at just $49 for roadside assistance in the Boston metro area, and increasing by the level of assistance needed, HONK is an economical way to get the help you need and then quickly get on your way.


  • Towing
  • Jumpstart
  • Stuck in a ditch
  • Out of fuel
  • Flatbed towing
  • Locked out
  • Tire change
  • Much more

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Affordable 24/hr service.