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In the summertime, Michigan’s Great Lakes are the perfect place to unwind, relax and cool off, but unforeseen car trouble can turn your vacation into a stressful event. For a faster connection to towing services without paying through the nose to get help, look to HONK.


HONK connects drivers in need with on-demand towing and roadside assistance. There’s no membership requirement and or any charges until you order through the HONK website or free mobile app. If you’ve ever called for a tow truck, only to hear that help will not arrive on the scene for more than an hour, then you know how frustrating it can be to access roadside services. With more than 45,000 tow partner trucks nationwide, HONK gets you help in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and all parts of Michigan.

Instead of calling in to a central dispatch, request roadside assistance directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Open the HONK app, click the button above or visit www.honkforhelp.com, describe your present location and your need, and we’ll transmit the information to HONK’s network of reliable nearby tow truck providers. HONK will also indicate the maximum possible service charge, to keep you informed before you even place the order.

Michigan roadside assistance services begin at just $49, and vary by the level of service needed. Any time you request assistance through HONK, we’ll match you with the appropriate level of services, so you aren’t paying more than necessary for a tow, jump start, flat tire change or any other roadside assistance service.


  • Transparent – HONK keeps you informed of any and all service charges and places a premium on keeping your costs down through its service model. Never worry about haggling with a tow truck driver again with HONK on your smartphone.
  • Reliable – HONK sets the prices for service and communicates directly with you, so you never have to worry about a predatory tow truck driver overcharging you for emergency vehicle assistance.
  • Affordable – With prices starting at just $49, and no up-front charges, HONK makes it affordable for all drivers to access emergency roadside assistance.
  • Everywhere – HONK delivers help across the U.S., including in all parts of Michigan. Enjoy roadside service up to 50 percent faster than traditional motor clubs.