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Thanks to its well thought-out highway infrastructure and courteous drivers, Minnesota is one of the best states to drive in. Even though it is relatively safe to drive around the state, it’s still important to make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected. Surprisingly, the key to being prepared lies in one easy-to-use, free app: HONK.

HONK is a free mobile app that provides you with the help for any unexpected roadside or driving issue. Whether you run out of gas on the way to an appointment at the Mayo Clinic, your car won’t start after taking in a game at the Target Center or you have a flat near any of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, HONK will be there to help.


HONK is an easy-to-use downloadable app that provides quick access to valuable roadside assistance and towing. Minnesota drivers download the app to their smartphone or tablet or use our website to connect with local Minnesota tow truck companies and roadside assistance professionals who are ready to lend a helping hand at a fair price.


HONK provides drivers with all the services of a roadside assistance club, but without all those annoying membership fees. You only pay for the services you order, so if you download HONK for free and never use it, you never pay a penny.

When there is a need to use HONK, you see the price before you even order. This means you know exactly what you’ll be paying before committing. The flat rate, inclusive pricing means you won’t have to negotiate with the tow truck drivers for a fair price or worry about having cash for tax or tip.

Whether you’re driving through the scenic highways in Duluth or tackling the busy streets of the Twin Cities, peace of mind that you are prepared for an emergency is just one download away. Download HONK and know that you’ll be able to access safe, reliable and affordable roadside assistance whenever and wherever you need to get back on the road.