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No one wants to be stranded on the road in North Carolina’s third largest city, and Greensboro’s emergency towing services can be far from transparent. HONK provides the next generation of roadside assistance programs with pay-on-demand roadside aid. Don’t get stuck at Lake Bandit Trails, on Eugene Street or on the side of I-85. When you have the free HONK app, you will get help faster next time you need emergency roadside assistance.


HONK is your connection to reliable roadside assistance, with a nationwide network of more than 55,000 tow truck providers able to come to your aid. With HONK on your tablet, smartphone or laptop, you can directly request help when you need it, without having to go through a central dispatch system. The app is free, and can be installed on all of your devices.

In many parts of North Carolina, we can send a tow truck to you 50 percent faster than other roadside assistance providers. Many drivers often times wait just 30 minutes from their initial request for help.

To request roadside assistance simply open the HONK app. Then type in basic information about your specific vehicle need and your location. We will then transmit the information to our network of reliable tow providers. Within a few minutes, a nearby affiliate will call or text you directly to confirm that help is on the way, even providing you with an ETA.


Our services begin at just $49, and vary by the specific service. Whenever you use HONK, you’ll receive a “guaranteed not to exceed” service quote, so you know the maximum amount of money you might owe. If you’ve ever haggled with a tow driver over the steep cost of emergency services, you’ll love how we keep you informed and set an affordable rate for services.

Our service charges are all-inclusive, so you won’t need to pay tax on top of the service charge or tip the driver. Unlike predatory towing providers who can increase their rates during winter storms or after midnight, we aim to protect drivers with fair service charges.


HONK can easily be shared among family members, roommates, and business travelers. The app is not tied to a car, so you can request the same level of service when driving a rental car when you’re no longer in Greensboro. You can also install HONK on many devices and link separate accounts to one credit card.

Download HONK for free today and get access to 55,000 HONK affiliates nationwide.

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call us at (855) 596-9246
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Affordable 24/hr service.