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With North Carolina’s humid summers and cool winters, breaking down in Raleigh can lead to an uncomfortable experience. Thanks to HONK, a free roadside assistance app, help can get you quickly when you need it most. Whether you got stuck on the side of I-440 or down by Pullen Park, you may need some help getting your car going again. Having it towed to a mechanic and repaired may be required, and if you’re not familiar with the area, you might not be sure who to call. Learn more about how HONK can provide you roadside assistance up to 50 percent faster than membership auto clubs.


HONK is your on-demand connection to faster towing service. With more than 55,000 service provider trucks nationwide, we connect you to a reliable tow truck or roadside assistance provider anytime day or night. When you have HONK on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can request help without going through a middleman. Many of our customers report getting help within as little as 30 minutes of their initial request. Our nationwide ETA is often times just 30 minutes.

To request help when you need it, just open the HONK app or visit the mobile website. Type in the basic information about your location and vehicle need, such as “Raleigh tow truck” or “jump start in Raleigh.” We will then send your information to affiliates nearby who can be on the scene quickly. In a matter of minutes, you will receive a call or text from one of these affiliates to confirm that a reputable professional is on the way.

Meanwhile, you’ll also learn the maximum price with a “guaranteed not to exceed” quote. This keeps you in the loop and ensures that all fees for service are transparent. If you’ve ever felt like you were price gouged for an emergency tow or flat tire, you’ll love our transparent model.


Our prices begin at $49, and vary by the particular need. When you request help from us, we send the right support vehicle for your need. This way, you aren’t stuck paying for a tow truck when you just need help opening up a locked car. We also set no fees until the moment you need service, which makes it the perfect “just in case” option for families, working professionals and North Carolina State University students.


HONK is easily shared among friends or family members. Customers can put the app on all of their devices, and can use it to get help as a driver or passenger in any car. Customers can also share one HONK plan by creating a central account to use across devices. Since we only charge you when services are used, it’s simple to figure out who pays the service charge.

With more than 55,000 service provider trucks nationwide, we have your back wherever life takes you. Stay safe the smart way and download HONK today.


A Autolockout Service
305 Maywood Avenue, Raleigh, NC
Aside from rescuing a kid from a car, helping an elderly woman take in her groceries after changing her tire and coaching soccer, you can catch Frank of A Autlockout assisting drivers along Highway 440. He states that if you can get your car within the Beltline, he can be at your service for any jump-start, flat tire and fuel delivery within 15 minutes.

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