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Ohio business travelers who get stuck outside Cincinnati know full well how traffic on the city’s interchanges and highways can come to a crawl during rush hour. At those times — especially during the heat of Ohio summers and bitter cold of its winters – waiting for an tow truck to arrive can be a long and agonizing experience. Whether you’re in Cincinnati or Cleveland or anywhere else in the state, HONK efficiently connects you to trustworthy, reliable Ohio roadside assistance with the shortest wait times so you can get back to work or home as quick as possible.


A free app for Ohio towing, HONK connects you to reliable roadside assistance throughout Ohio and the U.S. Unlike membership clubs, HONK does not charge you ahead of time or depend on a central dispatch to get help. You’ll only be charged when you request services. Additionally, you’ll also be kept informed of any potential charges that you could be charged for Ohio towing services. If you’ve ever had sticker shock from the high cost of roadside assistance in Cleveland or Columbus, then you’ll enjoy the transparency ingrained in the HONK model.

Ohio tow truck and roadside services begin at just $49, and increase by the level of assistance needed. When you use HONK to request help, HONK matches you with the right type of service for your needs. This makes it an affordable way to get aid for everything from a flat tire to an emergency tow.


  • Affordable – Prices start at just $49 and increase from there. Customers pay no tax and don’t need to tip tow drivers
  • Transparent – HONK always keeps drivers informed of service charges. Since HONK discloses all of the relevant information directly to you via the app interface, you will never have to argue with a tow service provider about fees for service.
  • Everywhere – HONK offers coast to coast emergency vehicle services. With a network of more than 45,000 service providers, HONK can provide you with the same great vehicle service no matter where you travel.
  • Reliable – HONK can have a tow truck on hand over 50 percent faster than alternatives. Many of our customers report that help arrives in as little as 30 minutes of their initial phone call.

With HONK, all of Ohio’s drivers can have instant access to fast and affordable roadside service. The pay-on-demand model makes it simple for families to share memberships or for University of Ohio Buckeyes to get Ohio roadside assistance fast and at a fair price.