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Rural Pennsylvania offers many scenic spots to unwind on a family vacation, but a flat tire can quickly sour your mood. In many parts of Pennsylvania, you will probably wait a long time for emergency vehicle assistance. For a faster connection to a reliable Pennsylvania tow truck, without excessive costs for service, use HONK. A free app available for iOS and Android, HONK connects drivers in need with reliable roadside assistance across the U.S., including in PA.


HONK puts drivers directly in touch with Pennsylvania towing services without requiring advance fees for service. HONK does not require membership or assess any charges until the time you actually need help. This makes HONK the ideal “just in case” option for college students, working professionals, frequent travelers, and anyone who wants the ability to access reliable Pennsylvania roadside assistance in an emergency.

Since HONK lets you send a help request directly from your smartphone, there is no need to call into a central dispatch system and wait on hold. Simply open the HONK app or click the button above, input your location and describe your need. HONK is the perfect way to get help whether you’re stuck on empty, trying to change a flat, or need help after a fender bender.

Once you initiate a help request, HONK will route your information to service providers who are nearby and able to meet your need. Minutes later, you’ll be contacted directly by a Pennsylvania tow truck driver to confirm that help is on the way and offer you the ETA. At this point, you’ll also receive a “guaranteed not to exceed” service quote from HONK. Knowing what you’ll owe before the tow truck driver arrives can make you feel more comfortable.

HONK service charges begin at just $49, and vary by the level of Pennsylvania roadside assistance needed. Service is all-inclusive, so you will not need to pay tax or tip the driver on top of charges.


Whether you’re driving in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Allentown, HONK connects you to reliable help nearby. Many drivers report getting a tow truck within 30 minutes of their request.


  • Affordable – HONK matches you with the right level of emergency vehicle assistance to keep your overall costs down.
  • Shareable – Passengers with HONK can use the service to request emergency vehicle assistance for drivers, and families can share the same HONK account across multiple devices.
  • Reliable – HONK has over 45,000 affiliates who are vetted for trustworthiness. Since HONK sets the fees and maintains transparency, you are protected from predatory Pennsylvania towing operators.
  • Everywhere – HONK connects you to 24/7 roadside assistance from coast to coast.

Stay safe when driving for business or pleasure. Download HONK on your smartphone and receive emergency vehicle assistance up to 50 percent faster than traditional auto clubs.