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I-95 covers much of Rhode Island, bringing the Ocean State traffic jams and congested back roads from motorists driving through toward Connecticut or Massachusetts. These delays can make it take longer to get through this tiny state, and cause you to wait a long time for emergency vehicle assistance if you’re unlucky enough to get a flat tire. For faster access to reliable roadside assistance in Rhode Island and no up-front charges, try HONK.


HONK connects drivers with reliable Rhode Island towing services using an easy app interface. There is no need to pay in advance, become a member, or wait on hold with a central dispatch service to access help. If you’ve ever contacted a Rhode Island tow truck for help, only to wait outside Providence for an hour, than you know how frustrating it can be to break down when driving to work or taking a vacation. HONK respects both your time and personal safety by delivering assistance to you quickly. HONK can often send a tow within as little as 30 minutes of your help request.

It couldn’t be easier to get help when you need it. Just open the HONK app, describe your specific need and pick your location. HONK will send your information to local towing affiliates that can provide the right level of service. Within minutes, you will be contacted by an available tow truck driver who can let you know when help will arrive. HONK will also show you the maximum possible service charge, so that you can prepare. If you’ve ever haggled with a tow driver about unexpected service charges, you’ll enjoy HONK’s up-front transparency.

Better roadside assistance starts at $49 per instance, and escalates by the level of service needed. When you request help, HONK will match you with the right type of emergency vehicle assistance. This way, you aren’t paying for the steep cost of a Rhode Island tow truck just to get help putting the spare tire on your car.


From downtown Providence to Rhode Island’s famous beaches, HONK sends help in half the time that it would take AAA or similar vehicle assistance clubs. Whether you’re a student, busy professional, or working parent, HONK is the perfect pocket solution to all your motor vehicle needs.

Stay safe the smart way. Download HONK for iOS and Android today.