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Route 195 backups outside East Providence can not only bring traffic to a screeching halt, they can delay the arrival of a tow truck if you happen to break down on your drive home from work. Thanks to HONK, you can access roadside assistance up to 50 percent faster than with traditional auto clubs. Learn how HONK brings you help faster when you need it.


We connect drivers in East Providence and across the U.S. with better emergency vehicle assistance. A free app, HONK is available now for download on iOS and Android devices, as well as accessible on the mobile web through our help button above.

In many parts of Rhode Island, we can have a towing service sent to you within 30 minutes. You are able to request emergency services directly, without needing to first speak to a central dispatcher.

To access tow truck services, open the HONK app or click the button above and type in basic information about your current need. We will then route the information to roadside assistance providers in East Providence near you. Within minutes, a tow truck driver will call or text you directly to let you know that help is on the way and give you an estimate as to when it will arrive.

You can use HONK to get help for vehicle services including locked cars, dead batteries, and flat tires. Each time, we will send the appropriate level of help to meet your need, so that you aren’t paying for the high cost of a tow truck unless that’s appropriate for your situation.


Our service charges begin at $49 and increase with your level of need. For any emergency vehicle service, you will receive a quote that indicates the maximum amount you would owe. Since you’ll see this before help arrives, you will not have to haggle with the towing provider about the costs of vehicle services. Whenever you use HONK, you can rest assured that you will receive reliable service at a fair rate, and that you will not pay tax or tip or top of service charges. Unlike some predatory tow truck drivers who may increase their rates during a Pats game or a snowstorm, HONK maintains guaranteed rates and fee transparency whenever you need help.


HONK is very easily shared with the ones you love. You can have all family members download HONK and link the apps to a common credit card, ensuring that everyone has access to reliable emergency roadside assistance. Since we only charge when services are delivered, it’s simple to calculate who pays the associated fees.

Download the free HONK app for better protection in East Providence. With 55,000 towing Partners nationwide, we always has your back.

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