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No one plans on having their car break down, but it can happen. When it does you’ll want to be prepared. If you live outside Pawtucket, I-95 traffic can often times clog up the roads making it hard for service professionals to find and reach you in a reasonable time period. Introducing HONK, a platform that connects you to 24/7 emergency vehicle services so that you can stay safe and get to your final destination faster and with less stress.


HONK is your connection to reliable towing services anytime, day or night. With a nationwide network of more than 55,000 service providers, we may be able to get a tow truck to you in as little as 30 minutes after your service request. The HONK app is free and available now for iOS, Android, and mobile web.

To initiate a service request, open up the HONK app, type in basic information about your present need and your location, and request help. We will then route the information to nearby affiliates who can provide the level of service that you need. Within minutes of your service request, a trusted tow truck driver near you will contact you to confirm that your help request has been received, even giving you an ETA of when help should arrive.

At this time, we will also update you with a “guaranteed not to exceed” estimate for emergency assistance, so you know what to expect before help arrives. If you’ve ever haggled with a tow truck driver about the cost of help, you’ll love knowing what to expect. To maintain transparency, charges are all-inclusive. You don’t need to tip the driver or pay tax on top of service fees.


Our service charges begin at just $49 and increase by the level of need. When you request help, we aim to match the service sent with your need. This way, you can get help for everything from a jump start to an empty gas tank without always needing to pay the high price of a tow truck. Unlike some roadside assistance providers who may jack up their rates during a rainstorm or snowstorm, our help is affordable and reliable whenever you need it.


The perfect backup option for drivers of all levels, HONK is easily shared. You can install the free app on all of your devices, and request service whether you are a driver or a passenger. Since our service network is nationwide, you can also get help when traveling outside of Rhode Island.

Households can share a HONK plan by having all drivers enter in a shared credit card on their apps. This way, everyone enjoys the same reliable protection, and charges can easily be paid by the household member who needed vehicle assistance.

For reliable protection in Pawtucket and anywhere you drive, download HONK for free today.

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Affordable 24/hr service.