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Throughout the year, visitors flock to South Carolina for its sunshine, beautiful beaches, warm weather and abundant attractions. In wintertime, however, South Carolina natives know to stay alert to potential hazards — namely icy conditions. Whether you’re traveling to Myrtle Beach for vacation, Charleston on business or Columbia to visit family, HONK can help if you get stuck due to unexpected wintry weather.


When the potential for icing exists, the South Carolina Highway Patrol constantly monitors roads. However, conditions can change quickly. Bridges, overpasses and roads with infrequent traffic typically are the first to get icy — and icing can even happen at air temperatures above freezing if roads are wet, in shaded areas or elevated.

If you do get stuck, waiting hours for a tow truck can be inconvenient and even dangerous. Whether you’re in Spartanburg, Sumter or Surfside Beach, HONK connects you to reliable roadside assistance in South Carolina while minimizing wait times.


Even if you’re in a vehicle with front-wheel or four-wheel drive, you can run into serious trouble on icy roads. If your vehicle includes electronic-stability control, authorities advise keeping it turned on to help maintain control of your car should you lose traction. In addition, remember the following tips if you encounter icy South Carolina roads:

  • Keep your lights on and your windshield clean to maximize visibility.
  • Go slowly to help maintain control, and slow down even more as you approach shaded areas, exit ramps and bridges — where you may run into invisible black ice.
  • Brake slowly and early, and never slam on brakes.
  • Remain alert and look further ahead on the road than you normally would.
  • If you start to skid, remove your foot from the accelerator and steer into the direction of the skid.


If you do become stuck or if you slide off an icy road, use your free HONK app to get roadside assistance in South Carolina and throughout the United States. With prices starting at only $49, HONK is the cost-efficient way to maintain your peace of mind when you’re on the road. In addition to regular and flatbed towing, our services include:

  • Lockout service
  • Changing tires
  • Jumping a dead battery
  • And much more

On South Carolina roads in wintertime, black ice can appear unexpectedly and make driving treacherous. Use HONK and ensure that you always have immediate access to fast, affordable roadside assistance and towing services.