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Houston and Austin have some of the worst traffic in the U.S., making Texas a challenging state for commuters, long-haul truckers passing through Texas, or students road-tripping to Florida or the West Coast. Traffic jams can not only slow your progress, they can extend the time that it takes a Texas tow truck to reach you, leaving you stuck for longer. HONK, a free app, helps you receive faster roadside assistance in Texas and across the U.S.


HONK connects you to pay-on-demand Texas towing services and allows you to request help when you need it directly from the smartphone app or mobile website. HONK takes the up-front fees and membership duties out of the roadside assistance model, making it more accessible for anyone in need.

If you’ve ever gotten stranded in Amarillo or Austin and called AAA for a tow truck, only to find out you’d need to wait an hour for Texas roadside assistance, you’ll love the reliable, fast service HONK provides. Many of our users wait just 15-30 minutes to for help to arrive.

Requesting help is simple. Open the HONK app and input basic information about your vehicle need and your location. HONK will then route your service request to Texas towing operators who are nearby and able to help with your specific problem. HONK will always strive to match you with the right level of Texas roadside assistance, which keeps your overall costs down. You can use the app to get trusted help for anything from a locked car to a car that won’t start, and know that you’ll receive reliable and fast help across the state.

Safe, affordable Texas roadside assistance begins at $49 and escalates by the type of help needed. Whenever you request vehicle assistance, HONK will send you a “guaranteed not to exceed” estimate for service charges before the tow truck driver arrives on the scene. This keeps you informed and ensure that you will never have to haggle with a Texas towing services provider over the cost of a tow to safety.


While there are other Texas emergency vehicle service providers, we think HONK is the better option for drivers who value time, safety and cost.


  • Affordable – HONK’s vehicle service rates are transparent, affordable, and never marked up to take advantage of drivers.
  • Transparent – HONK always indicates the maximum possible service charge, to keep you informed.
  • Reliable – HONK is your lifeline to you a reliable Texas tow truck, 24/7.
  • Shareable- Since HONK isn’t tied to your car, you can get help when you’re driving a rented car or getting a ride from a friend.

HONK protects your car throughout the U.S. and all across Texas. For peace of mind and faster help when you need it, download HONK today.