Founded in 2014, HONK was built to transform the towing and roadside experience for motorists, service providers, insurance companies, and others making roadside assistance a major part of their customer retention strategy. Over the last several years, HONK has continued to invest in our core digital platform to deliver record retention rates to our roadside partners while also working with leading-edge companies to expand across various industries, including vehicle transports and marketplace logistics. Since our founding, HONK has partnered with thousands of towing and roadside service providers in turn helping millions of stranded motorists get back on the road safely.


HONK powers a flexible on-demand mobility platform designed to help insurers, fleets, automotive OEMs and retailers deliver modern, digital roadside customer experiences and meet scalable same-day vehicle transport demands.

HONK’s digital-first, modular approach is designed to optimize roadside assistance programs, auto claims processing, accident scene management, fleet maintenance, vehicle logistics, and transport. This enables businesses to increase efficiencies through advanced digital tools, customizable integrations, and HONK’s high-performing service provider network of over 108,000 service vehicles nationwide.

Businesses partnering with HONK gain access to a digital and transparent platform that has proven to decrease customer wait times by 55%, increase NPS by double digits, and increase automation by 100-200%. Businesses rely on HONK to solve operational inefficiencies that save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, promote brand loyalty and improve customer retention.

HONK’s integrated products and services, flexible business models, and collaborative approach can help your business solve complex problems that enable company-wide efficiencies through innovative technology.

To learn more about HONK’s business solutions, please visit honkforhelp.com/industry-solutions.


At HONK, we know that towing and roadside Service Providers are the backbone of America’s roads. That’s why we’ve worked hard at building technology that provides towing professionals with the digital tools they need to remain competitive, successful, and linked to connected motorists to further expand their businesses.

Service Providers sign up to join the HONK Partner network for free. After passing a free background check and submitting proof of insurance, providers gain access to technology that connects them to stranded motorists and transport vehicles for local retailers in their area. With attractive job volume, near-instant payments, and no cost or risk to join, the power is being put back into the hands of the towing and roadside professional.

HONK is a proud member of two national organizations including the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) and Women of the Towing and Recovery Association of America (WTRAA). HONK also participates in several state tow associations including the California Tow Truck Association (CTTA), Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association (APTRA), Towing and Recovery of Washington (TRAW), and Wisconsin Towing Association (WTA).

HONK proudly supports our partners with sponsorships including the American Towman Spirit Ride and “Slow Down Move Over” campaigns across North America. Raising awareness about the dangers Service Providers face while working on the side of the road is a key initiative for all of us at HONK. View HONK’s “Slow Down Move Over” public service announcement here. You can also listen to HONK’s monthly tow industry podcast, Get Hooked which focuses on tackling the most current and relevant conversations regarding safety, technology, tow business best practices, and the many challenges facing our industry as we grow into the digital future together.

If you are a Service Provider and want to sign up with HONK, please visit joinhonk.com.


Breakdowns hurt. Luckily for motorists, HONK has developed technology that makes the process of finding help easier than ever – simply click a button on your phone and watch as help comes to you faster than ever before.

Motorists in need of a tow, a tire change, or any other roadside service can easily request service through our website or app, without needing a membership or online profile. It’s as easy as indicating what type of service you need, what kind of car you have, and where you’re located. Whether you have roadside assistance coverage through one of our partners or are just stranded and want to pay a fair price out-of-pocket for fast, safe roadside help, HONK has you covered.

With 55% faster arrival times over the traditional motor clubs and a completely digital experience from start to finish, HONK turns a breakdown into nothing more than a small bump in the road.

To request towing or roadside assistance services, please visit honkforhelp.com.




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