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With major cities like Chicago and wilderness like Shawnee National Forest, Illinois has lots to offer travelers looking for a family vacation. However, breaking down on one of the state’s highways can be challenging, as frequent traffic jams delay roadside assistance. To get faster access to a tow truck from Chicago to Champaign, download HONK on your iOS or Android device.


HONK is a free app that connects drivers with reliable, affordable Illinois towing services anytime, day or night. HONK requires no membership and charges no up-front fees, making it the perfect “just in case” app to have on your phone or tablet. Since you can initiate a help ticket from your phone, without going through a central dispatch service, you will have help on hand faster than with comparable alternatives like traditional auto clubs. In some areas of the U.S., help will arrive 50 percent faster than it would using membership based motor clubs.

To get help, open the app or click the button above and describe your present location and your need, such as “Need Illinois tow truck on I-57.” HONK then routes this information to Illinois towing affiliates that are nearby and able to meet your specific need. This helps us keep your overall service costs down, and provides you the security of knowing you won’t be paying for a pricey tow for a minor service like a jump start.

Whenever you use HONK, we’ll show you a “guaranteed not to exceed” quote so you know what you may be liable to pay. You have our assurance that prices are guaranteed and fair, and you’ll never have to haggle with a towing service provider over the cost of Illinois roadside assistance.


With a nationwide network of more than 45,000 towing affiliates, HONK is often able to have help on the scene within 30 minutes of your call. It’s the perfect solution for busy parents, University of Illinois students, and anyone who wants a reliable way to get help in the event of a vehicle breakdown or car accident. HONK has your back throughout Illinois and anywhere else you drive.


  • Affordable – Since HONK never charges you until you need help, and service prices are reasonable, it’s the perfect option for drivers on a budget.
  • Transparent – Whenever you use the service, you can rest assured that you’ll be kept in the loop regarding service charges and fees.
  • Reliable – HONK is able to provide reliable service 24/7, thanks to its extensive network of Illinois tow truck drivers.
  • Everywhere – HONK offers you 50-state service via one convenient app.

Stay safe and smart: Receive better Illinois roadside assistance and never worry with HONK on your smartphone or tablet.